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July 2014
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Continuing on the villains of rhetoric, today we talk about Kant. But can you reconsile Kant to rhetoric? Scott Stroud thinks so.

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In our series of the villains of rhetoric, we now turn to the super team of rhetorical critics: Agrippa, Jewel, Patrizi and Montaigne. The first two might be sarcastic, but they all bring up similar complaints against rhetoric during the renaissance.

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Second in our countdown of the villains of rhetoric, Ramus took invention out of rhetoric and gave it to...a tree. Find out how this tree took control of invention for centuries this week.

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The first in our month-long series of---THE VILLIANS OF RHETORIC! We begin with Hobbes, who decries the demogogues and democracy, while retaining a small space for "philosophical rhetoric" counsel to a sovereign.

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Foucault takes us from torture and hanging to the more nefarious complete control of our wills to show us that when we are unfettered, we are not free.

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I always state my demands, says the pirate. This is a good way to remember the 5 Canons of Rhetoric "Invention, Arrangment, Style, Memorization and Delivery." Today we talk about the canons of rhetoric and how to use them to prosecute piracy without a single cannon.

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Hot, fresh rhetoric, straight from the 2014 Rhetoric Society of America conference! Two excellent addresses focus on whiteness: Linda Martin Alcoff, the keynote speaker, and Kris Radcliffe, the speaker at the luncheon on Sunday.

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From the 2014 Rhetoric Society of America, we honor the keynote speaker from the 1988 RSA conference--composition historian James Berlin!

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Sieze the day! Or the rhetorical situation..! Or, wait, does the rhetorical situation seize you? Bitzer, Vatz and High King Aragorn II, son of Arathorn today on Mere Rhetoric.

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Stand up for what you think, but make sure you're standing in the same place as your interlocutor. Rhetoric's stasis theory gives us categories of Fact, Definition, Quality and Procedure to make sure we're arguing the same thing when we argue.

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