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Our hairy-hearted hero of the Second Sophistic was young, brilliant--and inclined to expand the traditional divisions of style or stases into more specific categories.

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Cicero's De Oratore dialogues in the moment of peace before the brewing political crisis. Today we talk about how sometimes you want to sit down and philosophizze about rhetoric in the face of political disaster. And wait until you hear what you need to know if you want to be an orator in Cicero's mind. Jeremy P Smyczek joins me in talking about De Oratore.

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Sometimes being smart, eloquent and beautiful just aren't enough, like if you're an illegitimate girl in 17th-century Mexico. Sor Juana's defense of the rhetorical education of women today on Mere Rhetoric.

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No, learning rhetoric in your teens or twenties is far too late, Quintilian suggests. You've got to start younger. How young? Baby young. How to develop the full rhetor according to Quintilian today on Mere Rhetoric.

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Mina Shaughnessey's students were new to college and composition, but they were coming in with their own complex writing histories. Not only did she notice these patterns of writing errors, but she pioneered the study of basic writing and practitioner-research in the process. Pretty clever.

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If God will give a preacher the words needed through scripture and inspiration, can there be such a thing as a Christian rhetoric? Today we talk about the Bishop of Hippo, and former rhetoric teacher, Augustine.

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Think about all the genres you engage in every day: Facebook status, literary analysis, movie review, passive aggressive post-it note. What makes those genres distinct? How do you know you're writing one genre and not another? Turns out your community may detirmine whether a genre exists and how you encounter it. Rhetoric and philosophy of genres.

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Jeremy P Smyczek joins me in discussing real Renaissance man Erasmus and his ideas on thinking of your audience, how to write a lot in order to write concisely, and more.

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Ancient rhetoric teachers saw the value of teaching short assignments before long. How short? How about a single proverb? Today, I'm joined by Eric Detweiler as we discuss the progymnasmata.

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Lonely Peter Elbow faced serious writers block. To get over it, he began to draw on the methods of group therapy. The result led in ripples through composition, as expressivism and its critics argued about what it takes to create good writing. Today we talk about expressivism.

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